Brandon Rechten


Why is Prenatal Nutrition Important?


The importance of proper nutrition during pregnancy cannot be understated. Not only is it necessary for a healthy pregnancy, but it's also important for the child to be nourished in the womb. When you eat a healthy diet while expecting you increase your baby's chances of becoming a healthy infant, you increase the amount and types of foods the child will be open to eating, and you decrease their risk of chronic diseases later in life. 

While most women are provided with a short list of foods to avoid while pregnant, they are not often provided with a comprehensive overview of foods and nutrients that will shape the way their child is formed in the womb. What a woman consumes during pregnancy will have a direct effect on her child at a cellular level. It even effects the programming of the baby's genes!

Proper prenatal nutrition could lead to decreased rates of diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, and obesity for children later in life. For mothers themselves, it could mean a decrease in gestational diabetes, type II diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. 

In this site, you will find information on what foods are healthy for you and baby, meal plans to put it all together, and some helpful resources should you need more support. It all starts with making the commitment to taking the best care you can of the little life you carry!


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