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Helpful Sources for More Support


Office of Women's Health:

American Pregnancy Association:

United States Department of Agriculture - Nutrition During Pregnancy:

Pregnancy Apps for Nutrition and Wellness

Foods to Avoid When Pregnant: a guide to foods that could possibly be dangerous while you're pregnant

MyFitness Pal: allows you to add your foods throughout the day and track your nutrient intake

Soleil Organics App: helps you to decide what foods you should buy organic, and which you can save your money on by buying conventional

Positive Pregnancy: Keeping a healthy mid-set is just as important during pregnancy as nutrition. Positive Pregnancy has relaxation techniques, affirmations and meditations to help you sleep, fight stress, and relieve discomfort.

Locate a Nutritionist or Dietitian in Your Area

Find an Expert: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: