Brandon Rechten




I've been working with Forbes Digital Marketing department since mid-2017 on projects ranging from email newsletters, eBooks, PPTs, form designs, and logos. Below are three projects.

Role: Visual Design



Project 01: 100th Anniversary Cover (Digital)

In advance of their 100th Anniversary, Forbes approached me with a problem: they didn't have any digital assets to promote the upcoming anniversary issue because something special was planned for the print cover that had to be kept under wraps until it hit the shelves (it turned out to be the world's first AR magazine cover). The solution was to create a digital mockup of the anniversary cover that could be used for marketing leading up to the unveiling.

Here is the final version that was used in their marketing activities:



Project 02: Crypto Confidential branding

I was approached to create the branding and a variety of collateral (logo design, ebook, newsletter layout, digital ads) for a weekly newsletter on Cryptocurrency. The goal was to create an identity that would visually fit into the cryptocurrency space.



A few options were sketched, focusing on the theme of technology/digital. I wanted to reference a similar style of existing crypto coins, so the connection was immediately apparent.


Final Logomark + Logotype

For the logotype, we wanted a font pairing that mashed up the digital aspect of cryptocurrency with a more classical typeface.

PDF Newsletter Layout



Project 03: ebook template

I created an Adobe InDesign template for a monthly report with four color pallets that could be easily swapped, and would automatically re-color the images.


Typography and Color Style Guide


Guide for automatically re-coloring images/text

One of six color options