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Family Support

Family Support

Being a supportive partner is one of the most important things you can do for your family member, or friend who is expecting. Women who have support from family and friends during pregnancy have been shown to have less stress hormones in their bodies, which is safer for mommy and baby. Nutrition support is also an important way to help the expectant mom in your life. Taking the time to learn about prenatal nutrition along with your partner, is a great way to support her in this journey. 

Some helpful tips

Eat what she eats: It can be very difficult to eat a piece of fruit when the person next to you is eating a bowl of ice cream. Even if it’s just for a time, eating a healthy diet with your partner will help her to stay on track. You may find you like the health benefits you get as well!

Cook together: Getting the family involved in meal preparation is great way to help the whole family keep healthy eating habits. Explore new foods together (maybe you’ve never tried quinoa before…it’s time to try it!). These habits can continue after the baby is born, helping them to maintain healthy habits for life! 

Be a Support, not a Hindrance:  Well-meaning friends and family love to tell pregnant ladies that they’re “eating for two,” or to “go ahead, you can eat whatever you want right now!” Reading this website, you know that the opposite is true. Social pressure can be very difficult to overcome, especially when it’s happening right in your home. Remember that she is eating for her health and the health of her child, and try to remain supportive of that. Don’t push her to eat the brownie if she’s fine with the banana!


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